AVD – The Natural Choice

Consumers are trending to pure untainted flavors and a safe vaping experience. The solution? AVD’s break-through core design. And the utter integrity of the materials we use.

Introducing the industry’s most advanced cartridges. There’s simply no other cartridge that produces incredible vaporization and preserves the authentic flavor of oil formulations.

Each AVD cartridge is powered by our new generation core. Unlike other premium cartridges, the heating coil is entirely encased within the porous ceramic core. And this is how the exquisite oil flavors are preserved. No burning. No overheating. No waste.

We call it science and engineering. Others call it pure vaping pleasure.

  • Fully encased heating element, preserves the original flavors

  • Different cotton densities control vapor output

  • Balanced ratio of oil to air, ensures perfect vapor flow

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  • Porous ceramic design maximizes vaporization & prevents residue

  • Temperature control, for different oil densities & the best flavor

  • Non-toxic, inert and lead-free composition, for user safety


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Glass Disposables


Seed Battery
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“Changing cartridges was a no-brainer.”

“We decided to switch from a competitor’s product because AVD’s technology was superior.  AVD carts are easy to fill and work with and they produce great flavor consistently.  AVD made our transition to their carts simple with no interruptions. I’m thrilled with their lead times, quality, and service.”

Ivailo Markov, GM, Rocket Cannabis

Test AVD Carts & Batteries

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