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Cartridges and batteries for live resins, distillates, solventless, CBD, and other blends. Tell us about your oil. We’ll help you choose the best hardware.

AVD Products

AVD Cartridges

You’ll find AVD’s No-Burn Technology™ in every AVD cartridge. Powered by our proprietary ceramic core, we’ve perfected how oil is absorbed to the way it’s heated and vaporized. Altogether, a superior sensory experience.

Polyresin cartidge with plastic barrel clear mouthpiece
AVD C1 Polyresin
Glass cartridge with ceramic flat black mouthpiece
AVD C2 Glass
EazyPress cartridge with plastic black barrel mouthpiece
AVD C3 Eazy-Press
Al ceramic cartridge with ceramic flat white mouthpiece
AVD C4 All-Ceramic
One AVD Glass Disposable wCharge base 180mAh 0.5ml 1.0mm white


One AVD EazyPress Disposable wCharge base 180mAh 0.5ml 1.0mm black

AVD Glass

vortex 2

AVD Stem
(Coming Soon!)

AVD Disposables

Consumers often mix and match batteries and cartridges. Nothing wrong with that. But to control how consumers heat your extracts consider AVD disposables.

A cartridge and battery combination perfectly synced to deliver your flavors in just the way you intended.

AVD Batteries

UL certified. Check. AVD No-Burn technology. Check. Just some of the smart engineering designed to safely atomize your oils and preserve your cannabinoid-rich formulations for flavor and the big hit.

One Stik battery black
Seed battery blue
Alphapen 1mm black capon e1608596798623
Two ARMR yellow


Battery with packet and rings


Strain identifiers composition


AVD Accessories

Enhance your consumers experience. Interchangeable branded protective battery sleeves. Spare magnetic battery connectors. And slide on extract strain identifiers – for customers switching between multiple devices. Smart ways to power your brand.

Hot New Products!

AVD Custom CR Packaging

Get Custom CR packaging shipped with your hardware. Because when you’re ready to distribute to dispensaries, you shouldn’t have to gamble on your packaging arriving on time, or at all.

We call it Packaging On-Time™. You’ll have your packaging when you need it.

Request Packaging On-Time Samples
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New! AVD Vortex™ Mouthpieces

Take a closer look. Inside each Vortex mouthpiece, you’ll see a spiral.

By lengthening the airway passage through the mouthpiece, the vapor travels further, mixes with more air, and cools. So, now your consumers get longer, fuller, smoother hits. What’s not to love?

Available for the AVD Polyresin, AVD Glass, AVD Eazy-Press, and AVD All-Ceramic cartridges.

Request sample Vortex Mouthpieces
AVD C1 Polyresin Plastic Barrel Black Vortex
C1 Polyresin
AVD C2 Glass Plastic Barrel Black Vortex
C2 Glass
AVD C3 Eazy Press Plastic Barrel Black Vortex
C3 Eazy-Press Glass
AVD C3 Eazy Press Plastic Barrel Black Vortex
C4 All-Ceramic
AVD C1 Polyresin Plastic Barrel Clear Vortex
C1 Polyresin
AVD C2 Glass Plastic Barrel Clear Vortex
C2 Glass
AVD C3 Eazy Press Plastic Barrel CLear Vortex
C3 Eazy-Press Glass
AVD C3 Eazy Press Plastic Barrel CLear Vortex
C4 All-Ceramic

New! AVD Hemp-Plastic blends

AVD С3 Eazy Press Hemp Flat Natutal
Hemp Natural
AVD С3 Eazy Press Hemp Flat Charcoal
Hemp Grey
AVD С3 Eazy Press Hemp Flat White
Hemp White

Small steps. Big results. Using discarded hemp stalks, we’re replacing 20% of the plastic in some of our hemp mouthpieces.

We also add an organic compound to the blend. It allows naturally occurring microbes to digest and consume the remaining plastic parts within a few years instead of decades.

Available for the AVD Eazy-Press, and AVD All-Ceramic cartridges.

Request Sample Hemp Mouthpieces

“AVD hardware delivers best-in-class vaping.”


Tony Verzura
Founder & CEO, Blue River™

“The Blue River™ AVD Seed Battery collaboration has created one of the cleanest vaping experiences in the world, delivering the best-in-class farm to table cannabis vaping experiences.”

Sample Box e1612553686334

Test AVD Hardware

(For oil brands & processors only)

See for yourself how AVD cartridges, disposables, and batteries complement your extracts. No cost. No obligation.

“We’ve been filling and selling AVD since 2018. I give them five stars for their product quality. AVD is well priced, especially for markets like Washington, where pricing is so competitive.”

Leo Matz
CEO, Leafwerx

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