It’s what you don’t see that matters

Precise material selection. Exceptional engineering. Relentless R&D. All in the name of advanced No-Burn technology™ that delivers unprecedented terpene flavors, without sacrificing on the big hit.

Taste the flavor not the smoke

AVD No-Burn Technology

Ceramic core

Ceramic Core

All cartridges feature AVD’s proprietary ceramic core. The result of thousands of hours of R&D and testing.  The porous core has an even pattern of microscopic inlets. Smoothly absorbing oil for consistent vaporization, even heating, and flavor retention.


By embedding the heating coil in the ceramic core, hot wires are not directly exposed to your oils. Instead, heat is evenly transmitted throughout the core. No overheating, burnt flavors, or dry hits.

We never pre-coat our cartridges with glycols or glycerin. These substances may give the illusion of big clouds from the first hit. But Glycols and glycerin can be harmful. Even carcinogenic.

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PowerWave power control

The longer the session, the hotter cartridges run – quickly degrading your oil. The solution? AVD PowerWave. An advanced algorithm designed to stabilize the temperature by sending short intermittent power pulses to the cartridge.

Overheating is avoided and your consumers get to enjoy your full flavor profile. No matter whether they take a single puff, or fifteen.


For best flavors you need a cartridge that consistently regulates temperature. AVD cartridges are set at 1.4 ohms with an industry leading varience of no more than 0.05 ohms.

By keeping ohms consistent in AVD’s specially formulated coil, our cartridges prevent heat spikes, maintaining a consistent temperature for flavor preservation.

It’s how your customers get to enjoy the same experience every time they purchase one of your cartridges.

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Lizandro Salazar V President Co Founder ArcataX 800x920

“Three Emerald Cup wins!”

“We produce top-shelf live resin and rosin extracts using exclusive genetics and rely on AVD cartridges specifically for their flavor technology. So far our partnership with AVD has helped us to five Emerald Cup wins in the vape category in 2021, 2022, and 2023!”

Lizandro Salazar V / President & Co-Founder, ArcataX

Lizandro Salazar V President Co Founder ArcataX 800x920

Taste the difference. Test your extracts with AVD cartridges and batteries.