Getting the most from your AVD batteries

Battery Tips and Tricks

Congratulations, and thank you for purchasing the finest 510 thread cartridge battery!

Your AVD battery was designed for reliability. It was also designed with innovative technology, so you get to enjoy the rich flavors of your oils. Here are a few tips and tricks for smooth, trouble-free vaping. Plus, how to enhance every session, depending on your mood.


Vape high. Vape low

You’ll see a high and low-voltage toggle on the base of your battery. Use the high setting for big clouds. And switch to the low setting to experience your oil’s complete flavor profile.

Whichever setting you choose, your battery automatically adjusts the power reaching the cartridge. We call it PowerWave. It keeps the temperature just right because oil that overheats tastes like the bottom of an ashtray.

Temperature Control Monitor mockup

Why voltage matters

Traditional 3.5 volt batteries maintain a constant voltage. Constant voltage means the longer your sesh, the hotter your oil gets which causes poor flavor.

AVD batteries, on the other hand, regulate the temperature. So a 3.5 volt AVD battery runs cooler over time compared to others. Good for flavor. Good for you.


Manual airflow control

The Stik Battery has small air notches at the top. Place your finger over one of the airholes to manually adjust the airflow for a richer hit.

For the Seed battery, you will see a small hole on the side. You can regulate the airflow to the cartridge, by placing a finger over the hole.

AVD vape tips and tricks

Troubleshooting: Tips and tricks

Clearing clogs. Cleaning your battery and cartridges.
We’ve got you covered. Here are two ways to clear a clog:


Battery infographics for web2
Battery infographics for web1

On the bottom of your Battery you’ll see a small airhole. This is the pre-heat function for heating thicker oils before starting your session. Blow once or twice into the hole and vape as usual!

This technique doubles up to help clear the airway should you experience any clogging.

Alternative heating technique

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Warm your cartridge in your hand or place it near a heat source. BUT only for a few seconds! Once you see the oil thin out, remove the heat. Overheating cartridges can make things worse. Be gentle with the amount of heat!

Still clogged, or has your battery stopped working? Read the section below.

Cleaning your battery and cartridge

Asset 5
Asset 4

Using a lightly dampened  70%-90% isopropyl or ethyl alcohol swab, carefully clean around the cartridge and battery threads and contact point. See this infographic for full cleaning details.


Best Practice

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  • Do not leave carts in your car or in direct sunlight. (It’s bad for the oil and the cart as temperature changes could cause clogs and leaks)
  • Store your cartridge upright (to avoid leaks)

  • Keep your cartridge at room temperature ( to avoid clogs and leaks)

  • Don’t drop your cart or battery (it hurts their feelings)

  • Never over-tighten your cart when screwing into a battery

  • Use a protective case or cover to prevent damage or debris from entering the mouthpiece

  • Use batteries made for cannabis cartridges. 510 or magnetic adapter style is best

  • Be careful with E-Cig style box mods as they could burn out your coil

How do I charge my new battery?

Saving our planet

To reduce waste, we’re phasing out the charge cables we used to include with our batteries.  Most of us have spare micro-USB cables we use for our other electronic devices.  To charge your AVD battery, connect the USB charge port located under the battery to a power source, and start charging.

Warning: Do not use power chargers that output more than 5 volts. This may damage the battery.

charging a Seed

What do all those lights and vibrations mean?

Green light. Red light. Pulsing light. Vibrations.
Yup – they all mean something depending on what battery you have.

AVD Seed Battery haptic vibration & LED indicators

Note: If you see a flashing red light when charging, don’t worry. It means your battery is charging correctly.

  • Active use indication: Vibration seed v

  • Charging: Blinking red light red

  • Fully Charged: Solid green light green

  • 10-second draw indicator: Vibration stops seed 1

  • Short Circuit: 3 long vibrations seed long x3

  • Connection Error: 2 quick vibrations seed v x2

  • Over use Protection: Device deactivates after a 10 second draw activation. Device resets after draw is finished

  • Low battery: 5 short vibrations seed v x5

main images for the Seed

AVD Alpha Battery haptic vibration & LED indicators

Note: If you see a flashing red light when charging, don’t worry. It means your battery is charging correctly.

  • Active use indication: Vibration alpha v

  • Charging: Blinking red light red
  • Fully Charged: Solid green light green

  • 10 Second Draw Indicator: Vibration stops alpha

  • Short Circuit: 3 long vibrations Asset 1 x3

  • Connection error: 2 short vibrations alpha v x2

  • Low Battery: 5 short vibrations alpha v x5

main images Alpha

AVD Stik Battery LED indicators

If you see a flashing green light when charging, and solid when full, don’t worry. It means your battery is charging correctly.

  • Active use indication: Solid green light green

  • Charging: Flashing red light red

  • Fully charged: Solid green light green

  • Short circuit: Red light flashes red x10

  • Connection error: Solid red light for 5 seconds red2

main images Stik

AVD Stem All-In-One LED indicators

  • Active use indication: Constant light bulb

  • Charging: Constant light bulb

  • Fully charged: Light flashes 20x yellow

  • 10-second draw indicator: Light flashes 2x yellow

  • Short circuit: 2 second solid light bulb

  • Connection error: Light flashes yellow10x

  • Low battery: Light flashes 10x yellow

  • Unplug: Light flashes 3x yellow

main images Stem 1

GoodCarts by AVD Button Battery LED indicators

  • Active use indication: Solid green light green

  • Low battery: Charging: Solid red light red2

  • Fully charged: Solid green light green

  • Over use protection: Device deactivates after 10 seconds red light flashes x 5 red

  • Short circuit: White light flashes x 3

StikB Battery bottom infographic

Pro vape tips

We vape. A lot. Strictly for testing purposes – of course.

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Drastic elevation changes may disrupt the pressure-seal balance of a filled cartridge, causing a leak. If possible, avoid flying with a filled cart. Or, keep your cart upside down so the oil does not get pushed through the atomizer.

Battery infographics for web6 1


Try to store your filled cartridges at a moderate temperature. Avoid areas below 40F and above 85F for optimal performance. Extreme cold can cause clogging and spitting. Excessive heat can result in leaks.

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Session Length

Clearing your entire cart in one sitting may not be the best idea. 
Green-outs aside, if you chain vape, it may impact flavor. Let your cartridge cool after a few minutes of seshing before resuming.