Classic Customizations

Paint. Print. Rubberize. Anodize. Brand AVD’s stock products your way. Our design team will work closely with you to achieve standout customizations. Different textures, colors, and subtle variations have the power to transform. Quick to market, we’ll deliver your custom project in as little as 4-6 weeks.

Customized Cartridges

Small details matter. Leave a lasting impression on the shelf. And with every draw.

  • Engraving

  • Distinctive mouthpieces

  • Printing

  • Custom color finishes

  • Compliancy engraving and printing
Customize my cartridges
Layer 2 1
Layer 9
Full Spec
Layer 5
Layer 4
Layer 1
X Trates

Customized Disposables

Make a spash and stand apart. With lots of space let your brand stand out.

  • Rubberized coating in any color
  • Colorful LED lighting

  • Stylized mouthpieces
  • Compliancy engraving and printing

Customize my disposables

Customized Batteries

Keep it simple. Or go BOLD. Batteries are the canvass to ignite your brand.

  • Vibrant pantone colors

  • Attractive LED colors

  • Laser engraving and pad printing
Customize my batteries
jetty battery
dank czar

Want more Classic Custom ideas?

See how other leading oil brands are creating outstanding product and brand recognition.

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