AVD Axil All-In-One

AVD Ceramic All-In-One
Under 3 Dollars delivered!

A hit for the mass market

Select from a 1mL or 2mL high-capacity tank. The Axil is priced for your brand to compete in the mass market without sacrificing on reliability and performance. Engineered for distillates, and novel cannabinoids, expect big clouds and consistent flavors. USB-C rechargeable. With a discreet, yet popular bar style design.

Finally, a sub $3 disposable you can rely on to scale.

Test samples delivered in 1-5 days

Place your custom order today. Pre-order stock now for first in-line delivery.

Available in 1mL and 2mL capacities.

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1mL or 2mL. You choose.

The Axil comes in two volume sizes so you can choose the best solution for your market. The 2mL option reduces your packaging and labor costs in half, giving you even more margin per mL.

Reliable performance. Happy consumers.

The Axil hits the right notes with all the performance and reliability you would expect from AVD. Exclusive ceramic core technology and manufactured to international quality standards.

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Ultra discreet

Just bigger than your lighter and smaller than most devices on the market, the Axil fits discreetly in your hand, pocket or purse.

Your best on display

Designed for both the 1mL and 2mL options, the quick view window shows off your extracts and lets consumers see when to buy more.

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Save with automation

The Axil features EZ Click™. An automation ready fill and cap system designed to save you significant labor and time costs.

Good to the last drop

The Axil keeps the party going with a popular USB-C quick rechargeable battery. The LED indicator shows when to charge and when the Axil is ready to go.

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Your brand in more hands

Standout on the shelf in as little as 6-8 weeks. AVD Design House will bring your branding to life with memorable customizations that connect with your consumers.

Accelerate with Automation

Save 10-20 cents per unit in labor costs* using AVD’s EZ
Click system. Improve efficiencies and scale your operation. devices and mouthpieces come pre-racked, ready for semi or fully automated filling and capping right out the box. Designed to work with all leading automated systems, fill and cap 30 at a time, and dramatically reduce costly repetitive handling.

* Depending on your cost base and selected automation.

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Essential specs

  • 1.0mL
  • 2.0mL
  • Top loading
  • Compatible with most filling machines
  • Pre-racked 30 unit base & mouthpiece trays for automated production


  • 12.1mm

Length with mouthpiece

  • 91.10mm
Custom formulated heating coil embedded in AVD's proprietary ceramic core.
1.4 ohms


  • Thermoplastic

Center post

  • Stainless steel

Designed to meet safety regulations in the US and Canada, including:

  • Oil touching parts are non-leaching
  • heavy-metals compliant
  • Grade A lithium-ion battery
  • 280 mAh
  • Micro USB-C rechargeable for extended shelf life

Note: Do not use power chargers that output more than 5 volts/1 amp. These may damage the battery

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Test AVD Hardware

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Test AVD Hardware

Experience the difference. Test your extracts with AVD cartridges, all-in-ones, and batteries.

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“Five stars all around.”

“AVD has supplied our vape hardware since 2018. We’ve found no other supplier to match AVD’s consistent product quality, flavor delivery, and competitive pricing, especially for saturated markets like Washington. The AVD team is easy to work with and goes the extra mile.”

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Mike Sabatello / COO, Leafwerx

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