Consumer Safety

“Vape Gate. Recalls. Regulations. I worry about these things.”

All legitimate concerns. See the steps we take to ensure the vaping hardware you buy from AVD, meets or exceeds consumer-safety standards.

Cartridge safety

If it’s off-spec, it’s rejected.

Product consistency and reliability is no accident. We monitor raw material specifications within a tight range. Any material that does not meet our exacting standards or industry regulations is immediately rejected.

AVD cartridges are designed to meet or exceed strict safety standards in the US and Canada – including California Cat III heavy metal restrictions.

We use only non-leaching materials. Like BPA-free plastic, borosilicate glass, and organic, pesticide-free cotton.

Ask to see our COA’s, product MSDS, and spec sheets.

Battery Certifications

FDA and roHs compliant

The AVD Seed, Stick and Alpha batteries meet or exceed the standards laid down by the FDA and the EU RoHs directive on harmful substances. These include lead, cadmium, mercury, hexavalent, and chromium.

UL certified

The AVD Seed and Stik batteries carry the UL 8139 certified mark. The hallmark of fire and shock safety standards relied on in the US and Canada.

Conformité Européenne
EU CE compliant

The AVD Seed, Stik and Alpha batteries are CE compliant. The European Union’s certification that electromagnetic interference falls within approved limits.

US FCC compliant

The AVD Seed, Stik and Alpha batteries carry the FCC certified mark. The Federal Communications Commission’s certification that electromagnetic interference is within approved limits.

Process Certifications

Certified ISO 14001
Certified ISO 9001
ISO 9001 and 14001 certified

AVD manufactures under the international ISO 9001 and ISO 14001 certifications. It means AVD  consistently manufactures according to regulatory requirements, While seeking the efficient use of resources and waste reduction.

FDA cGMP certified

 cGMP certification validates AVD has the proper design, monitoring, and controls over our manufacturing – with the ability to detect and investigate quality deviations, contamination, and errors.

Beyond clean

Sterility at Every Stage

“AVD is committed to the highest manufacturing standards.”


Billy Maddox
Director Brand Management, Moxie

At Moxie, we pride ourselves on our high-quality cannabis oil, ready for safe consumption. We use only the cleanest, safest, and most efficient extraction processes. Which is why we take great care in the cartridges we select for our extracts.

We chose to partner with AVD because they are equally committed to the highest manufacturing standards.

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