The oil cartridge you choose may be the most valuable decision you make

Because either the cartridge creates an outstanding vaping experience or harms your company’s name and reputation.

High performance, great flavor,
great consistency

As former extractors, we know how much work and pride goes into each extraction cycle and post-processing. AVD cartridges are designed to complement your craft.

  • Engineered exclusively for cannabis oils

  • Thin or thick THC & CBD oils

  • Customizable for your branding

  • Retains terpene flavors

  • Child-safe options

  • Local sales and support

“Purity, flavor, and consistency are key for us.”

“Our focus is offering our customers safe and reliable access to high-quality products.  We specifically partnered with AVD because their products fit the bill – Reliable, lead-free, and safe.  It’s also a pleasure working with a company that understands the complexities of our business and is highly responsive to our expanding requirements.”

Leo Matz, Leafwerx

We are 100% focused on manufacturing oil cartridges. This is how you reach perfection.

Supply chain control

Premium materials

Zero toxicity

Onsite management

Leading quality control

No leakage

Ongoing R&D

Totally reliable

User friendly

Every business has a story.

Here is ours…

In our former lives, we were extractors and processors.

And what we needed was a reliable oil cartridge that provided consistent performance.

A cartridge that connected properly. A cartridge that didn’t burn our oil. A cartridge that was properly designed.

Except we couldn’t find one.

So, we figured, we’re ‘oil guys.’ We’ve been in the cannabis medical and rec market for 20 years. We know how the perfect cartridge should perform. Let’s manufacture cartridges ourselves.

After all, who better than us?

We’ve managed state-approved extraction labs, cultivation, processing, formulation, fulfillment, and distribution, from Washington State to California.

So, we relocated a team of North American designers, engineers, and quality control experts to China.

We live here year-round, designing and manufacturing in our state of the art factory.

Now we didn’t select the traditional e-cig factories to work with. There’s no point in starting with a technology not effective for cannabis oils.

Instead, we employed experts to produce our oil cartridges. Our lead engineer, for example, is trained in aeronautics and propulsion systems.

Cartridges have a terrible reputation for failure. That’s why we have the most rigorous quality control process in the industry, starting pre-production.

The result?

We’ve created a superior cartridge technology, specifically designed for cannabis oils.

Cartridges that are safe and consistently reliable ….

…cartridges that heat at the correct temperature without burning or changing the oils authentic flavors …

… and cartridges that provide the perfect vapor flow.

When you’re ready, we’d love to show you what we’ve crafted.

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