PROUDLY ANNOUNCING GOODCARTS BY AVD, A LINE OF BUDGET VAPE CARTS, ALL-IN-ONES, and batteries, Ideal for your distillates, novel cannabinoids, and other non-complex oils.

After two years of research and development, we’re thrilled to introduce to you GoodCarts by AVD!

A range of budget vape cartridges, all-in-ones, and batteries, ideal for your distillates, novel cannabinoids, and other non-complex oils.

GoodCarts EZ Click™ Glass

GoodCarts EZ Click™ Glass features the most advanced snap-on capping system to accelerate your profits through automation.

GoodCarts by AVD Budget EZ Click™ Glass Cartridge

GoodCarts All-in-one

GoodCarts All-in-one – A full gram constructed with a quartz core and ceramic center post.

GoodCarts by AVD Budget Disposable

GoodCarts Button Battery

GoodCarts Button Battery – Budget but with premium features, like three voltage settings and PowerWave to prevent overheating with temperature power wave control.

GoodCarts by AVD Budget Button Battery

GoodCarts is AVD’s sister brand. Designed to provide an alternative to the premium AVD platform.

For some time now, our brand partners have been asking us for a quality budget cartridge. Cartridges that are:

  • reliable
  • consumer safe
  • deliver big clouds
  • and have the ongoing sales support from the trusted AVD team

The reason?

Oil brands want a solid alternative to the DHGates, Alibabas, and other fly-by-nights of the world.

For them, cheap cartridges come at a price. Dubious construction with the ongoing risk of contaminants. Poor and inconsistent performance. Unreliable customer service. Lengthy delivery delays. And the business killer. A steady flow of customer returns.

GoodCarts are manufactured in the same factory as our premium AVD carts. Subject to the same quality control, ISO, cGMP, and other international manufacturing standards.

We also maintain consistent stock levels in our warehouse and deliver within 2-3 days, anywhere in the U.S.

So, if you’re looking to upgrade your hardware experience, consider GoodCarts by AVD, a new line of budget vape carts.

And if you have multiple oil brands, you now have a choice between GoodCarts and AVD hardware, all from the same supplier.

Choose GoodCarts for your distillates, novel cannabinoids, and other non-complex oils.

And choose AVD for world-class flavor delivery for your live resins and other more complex oils.

To test GoodCarts, contact your AVD Product Specialist or send us your details, and we’ll be in touch.