WASHINGTON–(BUSINESS WIRE)–The US International Trade Commission on Monday ruled definitively in favor of US cannabis vaporization leader AVD (Advanced Vapor Devices) in a year-long patent infringement investigation initiated by Chinese e-cigarette maker Shenzhen Smoore Technology Limited, which owns CCELL.

The Commission affirmed an administrative law judge’s February 2023 finding of no violation of CCELL’s outmoded e-cigarette patents. Under the ruling, there is no violation by AVD’s cartridges, components, or products.

“Today is an enormous victory for the US cannabis vaping sector,” stated AVD Co-Founder and CEO Alex Kwon. “AVD’s disruptive technology, reliability, and exceptional service will enable us to safeguard our rights and innovate for our clients’ benefit. The victory demonstrates that justice has been served for our industry and consumers, and fair competition will prevail despite CCELL’s baseless legal tactics.”

“We are grateful to the International Trade Commission for exposing CCELL’s bullying of US companies,” said Michael Brosgart, AVD chief operating officer. “AVD shouldered the burden of this litigation because we are committed to our industry, and believe consumers deserve the highest quality products. We can’t wait to share our upcoming innovations.”

About Advanced Vapor Devices

AVD is a leading vertically integrated manufacturer and distributor of cannabis vaporizer technology, recognized for best-in-class hardware designed exclusively for the cannabis extract industry. Decades of experience working with the cannabis plant informs AVD’s personalized solutions for their Client Partners based on a deep understanding of the nuanced interplay between extraction methods, formulation, absorption, heating, and vaporization delivery. Oil-touching parts are non-toxic, and AVD cartridges are constructed with the highest quality and safest materials available to comply with stringent heavy-metal regulations. AVD controls its entire supply chain and is the partner of choice for leading oil brands, known for producing products that do not easily leak or break. Advanced design—including a proprietary ceramic core and No-Burn Technology™—gives consumers a premium flavor experience. AVD complies with HACCP, cGMP 820, and 110 standards, and is ISO 9001, 14001, 13485, and 45001 certified.

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