San Francisco, CaliforniaMarch 4,  2021, /PRNewswire/ Advanced Vapor Devices (AVD), a leading North American cannabis vape manufacturer and distributor, launches AVD Design House – a full-service vape and packaging design agency, led by Steve Hwang, Chief Design Officer.

AVD Design House was established to provide cannabis oil brands and processors with a single point of call to produce bespoke vape devices and packaging. To date, custom design has been fragmented with no one company able to offer the complete service. AVD Design House changes this. From initial concept to the final ready-for-sale product, AVD Design House will execute the entire process.

“I’m not aware of another company that brings the in-house expertise of high-end industrial design, a proven technology, and the manufacturing proficiency that AVD does to a custom project. Typically, one or more of these crucial inputs is sub-contracted or left to the client to manage,” explains Michael Brosgart, COO of AVD.  “Our clients now have the opportunity to add exclusive form factors, or even an entirely new vape delivery system to their product line-up. All the while benefitting from AVD’s stringent quality control throughout the manufacturing process, – including careful control over our raw material supply chain and finishes.

This is an exciting new chapter for AVD. I’m excited to welcome Steve Hwang to AVD. Steve brings decades of design and project management expertise. He solves a challenging problem for oil brands and processors looking for exclusivity, in an extremely competitive market,” concludes Michael.

Steve Hwang AVD Design House

Steve Hwang, AVD Chief Design Officer

Steve joins AVD from Koleto Innovations, the R&D arm for Kushco Holdings, where he led a team of designers for a portfolio of products and brands, specializing in CR and compliant custom packaging.

Previously Steve was the Director of Samsung Electronics America’s  Innovation Technology. Prior to that, he was Director of  Creative Design for Open Peak Inc. and Principal Designer at Kaleidoscope/Stanford Research Institute.

Steve has held a variety of roles at premier agencies including Frog and Lunar Design. Steve has accumulated a substantial portfolio of unique design patents and collaborated on establishing numerous household brand identities for several fortune 100 companies.

“I’m thrilled to join the AVD team,” says Steve Hwang. “ Innovation is in my blood. Being able to create new products based on AVD’s technology, with the full support of AVD’s R&D and manufacturing teams means we can get our clients’ products to market faster and reduce the risk ordinarily associated with new products. We’re already working with MSO’s and Canadian LPs on their project pipeline. I’m excited to see these new products on the shelves in the near future.”

About Advanced Vapor Devices

AVD designs and manufactures vaporizer cartridges and batteries for plant-based oils. The AVD factory is U.S. owned and managed by a leadership team with decades of experience in the cannabis and engineering industries. It’s why we understand the intricacies of cannabis oil and the delicate interplay between oil absorption, heat, and vaporization. AVD Design House, a division of AVD, is a full-service vape and packaging design agency providing clients with customized vape devices and packaging solutions.

AVD complies with cGMP standards, and our factory is ISO 9001 and 14001 certified. All oil touching parts are non-toxic, and cartridges comply with stringent heavy-metal regulations. We control our entire supply chain – sourcing and using only the highest quality and safest materials available. Products pass through strict quality control and safety assurance protocols at various stages of the manufacturing process.

AVD is a partner of choice for leading oil brands and is known for producing reliable products that do not easily leak or break. Advanced technology and design built around AVD’s proprietary ceramic core deliver true to the strain flavors – providing a premium user experience.

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