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Last week we reopened our factory after receiving the green light from the Shenzhen local authorities. Limited manufacturing has commenced as our raw material suppliers and employees return to work.

While we have been impacted by the Coronavirus, we are currently in a good position to continue delivering on orders.

From your perspective, here’s what you can expect insofar as new and custom orders.

New orders.

To our knowledge, AVD is one of the only vaping hardware manufacturers to have restarted production.

Fortunately, we planned for excess production and raw material stock-piling ahead of the Chinese New Year. For now, we are not fully reliant on our raw material suppliers, many of which have not resumed production.

At this stage, we also have reasonable stockholdings of certain products stateside. While these stocks last, we’ll continue fulfilling new cartridge and battery orders. If your stockholding is starting to run low, please contact us sooner than later.

Custom orders.

You can expect custom orders to be delayed from our usual 4-6-week turnaround time to around 8-12 weeks for the foreseeable future. Please keep this revised timeline in mind if you are planning custom projects. We suggest being in touch so we can work with you to schedule these orders.

More generally, if you have any questions, or require further insight into our production, delivery times, or anything else, please feel free to reach out to us.

And finally, and most importantly.

The wellbeing of our staff and those of our suppliers remains paramount.

We have implemented additional health protocols in our factory and will only ramp up as more staff members can travel and return safely to work.

The situation remains fluid. Should there be material changes, we’ll keep you updated.

As always, we appreciate your continued support, particularly during this difficult period.

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