Like many in the industry, we too spent Sunday afternoon glued to our screens, anxiously awaiting the results of this year’s Emerald Cup.

If you are not yet in the know, the Emerald Cup is California’s longest-running and most prestigious cannabis competition.

Congratulations ArcataX, Chemistry, and Blue River™️ for winning first place in the Cup’s most competitive cartridge categories!

We couldn’t be more excited for our insanely talented partners.

Of the four cartridge categories, our brand partners won three with AVD hardware (and if we had a brand partner submit an entry in the CO2 category, we like to think they would have won that too!) 


ArcataX –
(AVD All-Ceramic Cartridge
paired with the AVD Stik Battery)

ArcataX is the first brand to use the AVD All-Ceramic Cartridge. It would be remiss not to acknowledge their help as we refine the All-Ceramic for its official launch in the coming months.

Their win in the Live Resin category is a testament to their incredible extracts and the unparalleled flavor profiles delivered by the All-Ceramic Cartridge.

blue river 1

Blue River –
(AVD Glass Cartridge, paired with the AVD Alpha battery)

What makes the Blue River win all the more special, is their Solventless Jelly™️  won the distillate category! No easy task with a category filled to the brim with some of the top distillate extraction companies on the planet.

For the judges to vote for a solventless oil above the others, speaks volumes to the incredible effort by the Blue River team.

tsunami dog copy

Chemistry –
(AVD Glass Cartridge)

While CBD is often overlooked, Chemistry has figured out the complexity of making CBD formulations for vape cartridges.

We are honored to have such a great partner in Chemistry given their deep focus on science and how they bring out the plant’s specific cannabinoids.

We couldn’t be prouder to partner with these brands.

Here is the link to the full awards list.

To all our other partners who placed and participated in this year’s Emerald Cup, We acknowledge your work and effort as you continue to raise the bar for the industry.

We know that in a few days, you will start thinking about Emerald Cup 2022.

Bring us into your planning. We have some exciting new technology in the works that we know will impress!