AVD & GoodCarts filling and capping directions for optimal performance

We’re not crazy about reading directions either. But, please read these!

Follow these directions to avoid leaks, clogs, and other issues. Failure to adhere to these practices may invalidate your warranty.

EZ Click™ filling and capping directions

Follow these directions to avoid leaks, clogs, and other issues. Failure to adhere to these practices may invalidate your warranty.

AVD C3 Polyresin 1 0 ml 2 0 mm Hemp Barrel White

AVD & GoodCarts Filling Directions

Recommended Needle Size

Ideal fill temperature

Capping time


90°F/32°C (thinner oils) – 135°F/57°C (thicker oils)

3 mins or less (depending on viscosity)

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Insert a blunt tip 18 to 20 gauge needle into the space between the center airway tube and the inner wall of the cartridge body. Caution: do not allow oil to enter the center airway tube.

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The ideal fill temperature will allow for filling and capping before the oil saturates the atomizer.

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Oversaturation from hot filling, thin oils, and/or slow capping will cause flooding, clogging and leaking.

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Do not overfill your cartridges! Leave a headspace of 2.5mm at the top of the glass tank for the mouthpiece to seat or it may cause bulging seals when capping. Overfilling may force fluid through the atomizer.

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Cap within 3 minutes after filling. We recommend a shorter period of time for thinner oils. Immediately after filling, cap the cartridge with the mouthpiece until it’s fully seated.

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AVD & GoodCarts Capping Directions

Capping time

Capping method

Minimum capping force

Maximum capping force

Atomizer saturation period

3 mins of less
(depending on viscosity)

By hand or arbor press

15-17lbs (7-8kg)

130lbs (59kg)

30 mins – 12 hours
(depending on viscosity)

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Make sure the mouthpiece is properly aligned and straight. Press the mouthpiece down vertically (and not at an angle) using level, even pressure, until you hear a click. This sound indicates the mouthpiece is fully seated.

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You can seat the mouthpiece by hand, but a light-duty arbor press and jig are recommended. Do not use a hammer or mallet!

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Pressing at an angle can lead to damage, improper sealing/bulging, leakage, and cracking of the glass tank.

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If too much pressure is applied during capping, you can damage the cart or silicone end caps. Check the pressure carefully.

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You cannot remove the mouthpiece once it’s fully seated without damaging the cartridge or the mouthpiece.

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Depending on your oil’s viscosity, let your cartridges stand for between 30 minutes to 12 hours before using. During this time, the oil is priming the atomizer. More viscous oils will require more time.