AVD ARMR.  The ideal accessory for the Stik Battery. Luxurious to hold, it’s an interchangeable slip-on sleeve. Designed to protect, the octagonal shape prevents rolling and battery damage from drops and falls.  To reduce environmental impact, ARMR is molded with hemp.

ARMR comes factory fitted or can be ordered as an accessory. Easy to customize, ARMR is your perfect solution for limited drops or seasonal marketing.

  • Remarkably customizable
  • Protects from drops

  • Shock Proof

  • Silicone-hemp blend

  • Dust-resistant

  • Anti-bacterial


Slide Two ARMR yellow Slide Two ARMR black white Slide Layer 1 Slide One ARMR black Slide Standalone ARMR white
Magnetic adaptors with packaging 1

Spare Magnetic Adaptors

Stock packets of spare magnetic ring adaptors for your customers in your dispensary or online. The adaptors are compatible with the Seed Battery and other drop-in magnetic batteries.

Spare adaptors are the perfect solution for customers to have replacements on hand if theirs get lost (when they accidentally throw one away!) The adaptors are also handy for those switching between multiple cartridges. No more changing over adaptors from cartridge to cartridge.

The adaptors come in an attractive dispensary counter-top display box of 50 packets. Each packet holds 10 magnetic adaptors. Five longer adaptors for 0.5mL cartridges and five shorter adaptors for 1.0mL cartridges.

  • 510 thread compatible

  • Dual height adaptors for 0.5mL & 1.0mL carts

  • Does not cover the cartridge air holes

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Strain Identifiers

OG Kush? Mimosa? Sour Diesel? Sometimes it’s hard for your customers to remember what’s inside each cartridge. Especially when they’re using multiple cartridges. The strain identifier is a silicone ring that slips easily over a battery or cartridge. It lets your customer easily identify which of your strains is in the cart.

You can choose from a combination of branding options:

  • Brand strains
  • Corporate colors

  • Corporate logo

Get Strain Identifiers

Slide Strain identifiers composite Slide Strain identifiers composition 1 Slide Eazypress cartridge with oil and puprle strain identifier Slide Eazypress cartridge with oil and green strain identifier Slide Composite with white Stik oil and orange strain identifier