Classic glass

Glass Cartridge

For a pure clean taste, consider glass for your elite extracts. Designed for the everyday consumer and the aficionado alike, your flagship oils will shine through for those looking for something special.

The cartridge body is constructed from borosilicate glass. Tougher than standard glass, and hypoallergenic. Mouthpieces easily screw on. No need for an arbor press.

ceramic bullet black

Ceramic Bullet

ceramic bullet white

Ceramic Bullet

ceramic flat black

Ceramic Flat

ceramic flat white

Ceramic Flat

metal flat


metall barrel


plastic barrel clear

Plastic Barrel Clear

plastic bullet black

Plastic Bullet Black

plastic bullet white

Plastic Bullet White

wooden flat natural

Wooden Flat Natural


AVD C2 Glass Plastic Barrel Black Vortex

Plastic Barrel
Black Vortex


AVD C2 Glass Plastic Barrel Clear Vortex

Plastic Barrel
Clear Vortex


Plastic Flat

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Available Options

One AVD Glass Cartridge Base 1.0ml 2.0mm
1.0mL / 2.0mm
One AVD Glass Cartridge Base 0.5ml 2.0mm
0.5mL / 2.0mm
One AVD Glass Cartridge Base 1.0ml 1.0mm
1.0mL / 1.0mm
One AVD Glass Cartridge Base 0.5ml 1.0mm
0.5mL / 1.0mm

New! Vortex™ Mouthpieces

By lengthening the airway passage through the mouthpiece, the vapor travels further, mixes with more air, and cools. So, now your consumers get longer, fuller, smoother hits.

AVD C2 Glass Plastic Barrel Clear Vortex

Plastic Barrel
Clear Vortex

AVD C2 Glass Plastic Barrel Black Vortex

Plastic Barrel
Black Vortex

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New! Hemp-Plastic Mouthpieces

Small steps. Big results. Using discarded hemp stalks, we’re replacing up to 15% of the plastic in some of our hemp mouthpieces.

We also add an enzyme agent to the blend. It allows naturally occurring soil microbes to consume the remaining plastic parts within a few years instead of decades.

See more about AVD Hemp-Plastic blends.

Available for the AVD Eazy-Press, and AVD All-Ceramic cartridges.

AVD С3 Eazy Press Hemp Flat Natutal
Hemp Natural
AVD С3 Eazy Press Hemp Flat Charcoal
Hemp Grey
AVD С3 Eazy Press Hemp Flat White
Hemp White
AVD C3 Hemp Barrel White

New! Hemp
Barrel White

AVD C3 Hemp Barrel Natural

New! Hemp
Barrel Natural

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Filling Guide
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Customization Guide
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Automated Filling


1.0mm best suited for:

  • Thin oils like HTE & terp sauce
  • Thin live resins & distillate mixes (honey like)

2.0mm best suited for:

  • Thicker oils like distillates
  • Thicker live resin, etc. (thicker than honey)
  • 0.5mL (0.5g)
  • 1.0mL (1.0g)
  • Top Loading
  • Compatible with most filling machines
  • Pre-racked 50 unit cartridge & mouthpiece trays for automated production


  • 10.60mm

Length (without mouthpiece)

  • 0.5ml version – 27.25mm
  • 1.0ml version – 36.64mm
  • AVD’s proprietary ceramic core with a fully embedded heating coil
  • 1.4 ohms
  • Universal 510 thread


  • Durable borosilicate glass

Center post

  • Plated brass (heavy-metals compliant)

Designed to meet safety regulations in the US and Canada, including:

  • Non-leaching materials
  • Heavy metals compliant
  • Pesticide-free
  • AVD batch coded
  • Or ask to use your unique brand code
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See for yourself how AVD cartridges, disposables, and batteries complement your extracts. No cost. No obligation.

“We’ve been filling and selling AVD since 2018. I give them five stars for their product quality. AVD is well priced, especially for markets like Washington, where pricing is so competitive.”

Leo Matz
CEO, Leafwerx

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