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AVD All-Ceramic EZ Click™ Cartridge

The All-Ceramic offers award-winning flavors and a visual experience like no other.  Its premium glass body, white ceramic center post, and gold trim finish create the perfect contrast to highlight the aesthetic beauty of your oils.

Most ceramic is brittle. Instead, we use a proprietary dentistry-grade ceramic. It makes our cartridges durable and chemically inert for an exceptionally clean hit.

AVD C3 Polyresin
EZ Click™ Cartridges

Classic durability. But with the super-power of AVD’s advanced EZ Click™ low-pressure, snap-on filling and capping system.

Reap the benefits of extraordinary production throughput. Reduced labor costs. And remarkable true to strain flavor preservation, thanks to AVD’s proprietary ceramic core design and no-burn technology™.

AVD Hemp Natural Mouthpiece
AVD Hemp White Mouthpiece
AVD Hemp Grey Mouthpiece

AVD Stem All-In-One

An all-in-one with the flavor of a high-end vape pen.
Made from HempZyme™, so it’s gentler for the environment.

Test AVD Hardware

AVD Product Sample Box

Test AVD Hardware

Experience the difference. Test your extracts with AVD cartridges, all-in-ones, and batteries.

Leads Form

“Five stars all around.”

“AVD has supplied our vape hardware since 2018. We’ve found no other supplier to match AVD’s consistent product quality, flavor delivery, and competitive pricing, especially for saturated markets like Washington. The AVD team is easy to work with and goes the extra mile.”

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Mike Sabatello / COO, Leafwerx

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