You’ve been thinking about a different battery shape. An entirely new cartridge delivery system. Even a pod system to add to your product line-up.

There is a smart way. A way that reduces your risk and time commitment.

AVD Design House will bring your vision into trademark reality. From concept to in-the-package ready.

Hyper Custom low profile battery vape pen scaled

  *Concept only

How about a soft-touch, low profile battery, with a custom cart cover, powered by AVD’s proven technology?

Vape Ship II Instagram 1920x1080

  *Concept only

Or a lunar-inspired rechargeable or disposable custom battery and mouthpiece. Your logo is illuminated on activation and recessed branding completes the picture.

Hyper customization Hanu Stone

Or an entirely new closed-loop vape pod system, like the Hanu Stone.

When your business is ready for the next level of exclusivity and brand domination, Hyper Custom is the natural step to consider.

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