Stand out from your competitors

With ultra-fast lead times and in-house US-based design consultants, AVD can customize your cartridges and batteries to reflect your brand’s unique look and feel.

Customized Cartridges

AVD’s design experts are ready to collaborate with you on a custom design. Leave a lasting brand impression on your customers.

  • Engraving

  • Printing

  • Distinctive mouthpieces

  • Custom color finishes

  • Compliancy engraving and printing  

Customized Disposables

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For customers on the go, the all-in-one disposable is a product where you can get creative and your branding can really stand out.

  • Rubberized coating in any color

  • Distinctive LED lighting

  • Stylized mouthpieces

  • Compliancy engraving and printing  

Customized Batteries

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All AVD batteries can be customized and printed with your company logo and original design.

  • Pantone battery colors

  • LED light colors

  • Laser engraving and pad printing

Want more customization ideas?

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