AVD Stem All-In-One

All the flavor of a high-end vape pen. And gentler on the environment. Convenience has never looked this good.

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Hemp cannabis oil vape mouthpieces

High flavor. Low Impact

Choosing a disposable, shouldn’t mean having to settle for second rate. Like average flavors. Or a device that excessively contributes to environmental waste.

The full package

Affordable, easy to use, and lightweight. The Stem All-In-One is available in Hemp White and Hemp Black. Topped off with either a clear or black AVD Vortex™ mouthpiece. Want custom? Talk to us about different customizations for your brand.

  • Full gram capacity

  • AVD Vortex mouthpiece for superior flavor delivery
  • Hemp-blend for lower environmental impact
  • Auto fill 30 at a time

  • Press-on, 15-30 at a time, one-touch capping

  • Auto pre-heat function, clears the airway

  • Rechargeable lithium ion battery for no wasted oil
  • RoHs, FC, and CE certified

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Hits hard. Stays smooth

Most disposables run hot, burning your extract. Not the Stem. Built off AVD’s 510 cartridge platform, the Stem uses our award-winning technology with AVD’s ceramic core in a unique form factor.

But go easy to start. The Stem rips hard! A breakthrough in airflow design combines with the AVD Vortex™ mouthpiece to cool the vapor for longer, fuller, smoother hits. So whether your consumers take long full rips, or short sips, they’ll get the complete flavor profile – either way.

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AVD Vortex™ mouthpiece for superior flavor delivery

Window to show off
your extract

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Auto pre-heat function, clears the airway

Rechargeable Lithium-ion battery for no wasted oil

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Custom CR packaging

We know how hard it is to launch a new product with a unique form factor. This is why we designed the perfect child-resistant packaging solution for the Stem. We’ll help you design a custom look and feel for your brand. Saving you the hassle of finding and creating your own retail packaging.

The packaging is shipped to you together with your Stem inventory. We call it Packaging On-Time™. You’ll have your packaging on hand exactly when you need it.

AVD Stem Box Pachaging

AVD branding for illustration purposes

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A disposable
with a conscience

The Stem is different. A 32% lower carbon footprint and 20% less plastic. It also uses a smaller rechargeable battery to reduce waste.

The secret? AVD hemp-plastic™. A blend of discarded hemp stalks, plastic, and an enzyme agent that enhances the action of soil microbes to consume the plastic parts within years and not centuries of being thrown out.

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