AVD HempZyme™

Conserving our environment

An environmental and human success story turning waste into low-carbon products.

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Hemp cannabis oil vape mouthpieces

By choosing AVD HempZyme™, you’re part of a sustainable story

We’re investing in ongoing R&D to develop raw material supply chains that have the lowest possible environmental impact. But without sacrificing on quality.

Out with plastic. In with renewable hemp

Choose from a range of classic flat mouthpieces. Hemp White. Hemp Natural. And Hemp Charcoal.  Designed to complement the AVD Easy-Press Glass.

The best part? AVD’s Hemp-Plastic blend uses 20% less plastic and has a 32% lower carbon footprint compared to traditional plastics.

Not only do the mouthpieces look great, but we’re reducing the volume of petroleum-based plastics that could enter our food chain.

AVD hemp cannabis oil vape mouthpieces
Hemp White
AVD hemp cannabis oil vape mouthpieces
Hemp Grey
AVD hemp cannabis oil vape mouthpieces
Hemp Natural

Turning waste into a virtuous cycle

We’ve started up a whole new industry partnering with local hemp farmers. Usually, the remaining stalks are discarded after harvesting. Or worse still, incinerated, releasing damaging CO2 back into the atmosphere.

We now buy the stalks giving the farmers more revenue to reinvest. And the environment gets to breathe a whole lot easier.

More hemp. Less green-house gases

Fun fact. Each acre of hemp absorbs 5 tons of carbon dioxide from the atmosphere.

And since outdoor hemp grows with minimal fertilizer and pesticides, hemp absorbs substantially more CO2 than required for its cultivation.

AVD hemp cannabis oil vape mouthpieces
All-Ceramic – Hemp Flat White
AVD hemp cannabis oil vape mouthpieces
Eazy-Press – Hemp Flat Natural
AVD hemp cannabis oil vape mouthpieces
All-Ceramic – Hemp Flat Grey

Even the plastic decomposes

Usually, plastic takes hundreds or even thousands of years to decay. So we add an enzyme agent to the plastic. With no impact on shelf-life, the enzymes enhance the action of soil microbes, to help decompose the plastic parts within years and not centuries of discard. Just another way to leave a better future for our children.

Zero water. Zero waste

Because the hemp-stalks we purchase would have been surplus waste, no additional water is consumed for our hemp raw material. Another way hemp blends reduce the impact on our natural resources.

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Compatible with the AVD Eazy-Press Cartridge

AVD Eazy-Press with hemp mouthpiece